So, this is our first store in the world.
It's in Tokyo in a neighborhood called Sendagaya.

We designed it with these guys.

  The entire shop is anchored to a massive steel structure we like to call The Monster.
The Monster has 28 steel arms that support every fixture in the shop - 2 fitting rooms, a checkout register, dress forms, display cases, hanging displays and a digital projector. 
The best part of The Monster is that it’s, like, alive - the arms all move around concentric tracks, which means we can totally change around the store layout whenever we’re feeling it. 
The fitting rooms are meant to be like little portals ‘cause we love a good portal. This one has a mural of Planet Tatooine from Star Wars. If you listen closely, you might hear Obi-Wan calling out in the distance.
We wrapped the entire building in a huge mural too, an image from our buddy Friedrich Kunath, an LA based artist. 
He also loaned us this sculpture to put in the window - a massive pair of resin cast penny loafers planted with a palm tree that was part of this insanely amazing show.
We sell our men’s and women’s collections there, along with a constant stream of exclusive items, like this t-shirt we made with Vans Japan.
And this Beach Park towel. 
And a steady stream of tote bags. Some of this stuff will be available on our web shop, which launches really soon.
You’ll know the staff ‘cause they’ll all be wearing these boiler suits.  
And you’ll know someone bought something rad if they walk out with one of these guys.
These too.
So come by and check it out next time you're in Tokyo. We're open.